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The Italian living LAB

Italy, with the highest number of Unesco heritage sites worldwide together with China, and among the countries with the most ambitious renewable (i.e. photovoltaic) energy targets in Europe, is a living lab for experimenting with contradictions and synergies between a traditional idea of preservation, and the new challenges offered by the introduction of photovoltaics in the landscape.

Till now a mere technical approach has driven the projects which go through the authorization processes, and this has generated conflicts that are reflected also by the legal controversies that see the main actors of the implementation process involved: local authorities, preservation offices, developers, the general public, and in general all those who are involved in the governance.

It is time to propose visions that are able to overcome this impasse if we want to orient our future towards an idea of sustainability.

The session will provide insights of the emblematic national context, to produce inputs that can serve as starting points for future research and collaboration towards a unified, complex vision. In this sense, once again solar landscapes can connect.

In the Spotlight

Numbers in Italy

As of today there are 22.59 GW of solar power capacity installed in Italy. The goal by 2030 is to reach the ambitious goal of 52 GW installed capacity.

Builiding Applied Photovoltaic (BAPV)

Ground Mounted Photovoltaic (GMPV)

of new capacity by 2030 according to PNIEC