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Matteo Pedaso

Matteo Pedaso
LAND Italia Srl, Senior Director and Partner, Urban Planner

Urban and Landscape Planner, he is a partner at LAND Italia and director of the “Strategic Planning” area.
Since 2004 he has operated at professional level in the LAND group, with responsibility for territorial marketing, planning processes and complex urban transformation and landscape projects. He coordinates a multidisciplinary team that develops Masterplans and strategic projects on an urban and territorial scale. Continuously in search of integrated solutions for the ecological-environmental regeneration of the territory as a form of development, in recent years he has been looking in-depth at the applications of the European Commission’s “Green Infrastructures” strategy, also through participation in the international projects financed by the Horizon 2020 European fund for innovation.

Main projects:

• Masterplan Porto Vecchio – Trieste (Italy) (2021)
• Bolzano Green Plan, Bolzano (Italy) (2021)
• Cagliari Green Plan, Cagliari (Italy) (2021)
• Masterplan Energy Valley – Viggiano (PT) (2019)
• Masterplan Litorale Domitio-Flegreo – Campania Region (2018-ongoing)
• Landscape Masterplan, Scientific and Tecnologic Parck Biotic, Brasilia (2018)
• Masterplan and PII MIND, area ex Expo, Milan (2018-ongoing
• Masterplan di valorizzazione Isola Palmaria, Porto Venere (SP) , IRE Liguria (2017)
• UNalaB- Horizon 2020, Genova (GE) Italy (2017)
• Piano Attuativo, via Bellarmino, Milan (2016)
• Landscape Masterplan and concept, CAP Holding Spa, Regione Lombardia (2016)
• Urban Park Masterplan, Rho (MI) Italy (2015)
• Landscape Masterplan Isola Palmaria, Porto Venere (SP) , IRE Liguria Italy (2017)
• Guidelines and scenarios of urban-environmental development for the Scientific and Technological Park of Venice, VEGA Scarl, Venice Italy (2015)
• Urban-environmental study, concept and landscape masterplan Integrated Environmental Pole of Reggio Emilia (2008)
• Concept plan for the development of a Scientific and Technological Park, Turin Italy (2008)