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Matteo Baroni

Matteo Baroni
Artist, sculptor | IT

M.B.‘s formation starts at the Art Institute of Florence, subsequently he graduates at Central Saint Martins College of Art in London. His work, mainly sculpture and land art, addresses issues regarding our destructive relationship with the natural environment and through his practice he raises awareness on the faults of consumerism; unwilling to add other ‘things’ to this world, discarded materials become his media of choice, he adapts and devises techniques to use them to create refined works of art. Amongst his most noticeable projects: FLOCKERS, a migrating and versatile art workshop run in Busto Arsizio’s state penitentiary; or his contribution to the creation of an outdoor scrap metal sculpture park in the state of Orissa in India where he was invited to represent Italy; and more recently OPERA VIVA, his living sculpture installed in the historic Giardino Torrigiani in the center of Florence.

Facebook: Matteo Baroni Sculpture
Instagram: Matteo_Baroni_Sculptures