Thank you for participating to the 8th edition of Photovoltaics | Forms | Landscapes!

Photovoltaics | Forms | Landscapes 2019

This has been a special event, at its 8th edition, in conjunction with the 36th EUPVSEC, organised by ENEA, Becquerel Institute, ETA-Florence and WIP-Munich.

The event highlighted how architects, designers, developers, and researchers take up the challenge of letting photovoltaic systems interact with landscapes and buildings.

“Energy as a landscape infrastructure” was the challenge for 2019’s edition, in Marseille. Along with ambitious energy policy targets, the number of solutions for implementing photovoltaics is increasing. Floating photovoltaics, agrivoltaics, are only some of these new examples. This trend is changing photovoltaic system from being “intruders” in the landscape to being new infrastructures supporting also new ecosystem services.

This year’s edition has been a showcase of such new solutions.

The Event Chairpersons.